A collage of differing persons, with different expressions, classified by way of a convolutional neural network.

Robots are moving beyond the factory floors and into our offices, homes, and lives, becoming assistants. In time they will be our coworkers; in the future, we may find them being our companions and even our friends. We already interact on regular basis with narrow AIs in various guises, such as digital assistants such as Siri or Alexa. At present, the interaction is fairly narrow — we may, for example, ask Siri for a suggested restaurant while traveling in a new city, or about the weather forecast so we can be prepared with appropriate clothing for the day. Other AIs…

For long have people been fascinated with unknown and hidden subjects: UFOs, aliens, ghosts, and other paranormal subjects have captured the imagination of many, over many years, often in waves. In the absence of official or mainstream scientific credence, popular mythologies of suppression and conspiracy have been embraced by many. Rumors, hearsay, and urban myths can become viral, especially in the age of social media. And the motto may well be, as the poster on Fox Mulder’s wall in the popular series The X-files declares, “I want to believe.”

With such thoughts in mind, I have undertaken, as a beginning…

Karen Fisher

Software developer, deep learning engineer, and artist with an interest in AI and robotics. They'd like to have robot friends one day.

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